Above Us Only Sky

Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
~ John Lennon
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There is by now evidence from a variety of laboratories around the world using a variety of methodological techniques leading to the virtually inescapable conclusion that the cognitive-motivational styles of leftists and rightists are quite different. This research consistently finds that conservatism is positively associated with heightened epistemic concerns for order, structure, closure, certainty, consistency, simplicity, and familiarity, as well as existential concerns such as perceptions of danger, sensitivity to threat, and death anxiety.


This actually makes a lot of sense to me. Explains why they are so angry and overreact to the silliest things. Apparently, it’s a chemical thing. 



Norton 850 Commando by Federal Moto

And we have a winner. Everyone else stop building bikes now.


My first bit of self initiated work for a while.

I couldn’t let the World Cup go by without making something football related, so I took inspiration from Nike’s awesome #RiskEverything campaign and set about responding to it in my own way. Hope you dig it. 



Cabin in Alfred, New York.

Contributed by Graham Marks. 


Composer George Gershwin passed away on this day in 1937. Explore his legacy.

I swear to you, those five words will probably be what ends up on my tombstone. “Teri Hatcher: She Was a Great Mom, and They’re Real and They’re Spectacular!”
I’m not sure which of the things I’ve done they find most offensive, but they’ve decided they’re going to sue me for doing my job. I mean, I might have said in the heat of the moment during one of these debates, ‘I want to raise the minimum wage, so sue me when I do,’ but I didn’t think they were going to take it literally.
So family government precedes civil government and you watch that as colonists came to America, they voted by families. And you have to remember back then, husband and wife, I mean the two were considered one. That is the biblical precept… That is a family, that is voting. And so the head of the family is traditionally considered to be the husband and even biblically still continues to be so.

David Barton.  the founder of Wallbuilders, an organization that seeks to destroy the separation of church of state. On Thursday, the conservative “Christian” openly called for taking voting rights away from women because women voting supposedly damages society and culture.



Martin André, photography for Citroën Depliant, 1965.Delpire Publicité, Paris.

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